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10 best comfy shoes for warm weather travel

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone is planning their big trips and vacations! I find that out of all wardrobe staples, it’s the SHOES that are often the hardest to find! They need to be stylish AND comfortable–something you can log lots of miles in. I figured now was a great time to round up my favorite comfy shoes for warm weather travel, during the spring, summer, and fall. (You know, bare ankle weather. Winter travel is a whole different beast we’ll save for another day. 😉 Thankfully, that’s behind us at the moment!)

Whether you’re looking for sneakers, loafers, sandals or flats–I’ve got you covered with my favorites listed below! I have walked many, many miles in each and every pair listed here. Note that almost all shoes will require a “break-in” period no matter how comfortable they are–it just takes time for your feet to get used to a new pair of shoes! Make sure to read my “how to break in new shoes” post with all my best tips.

10 best comfy shoes for warm weather travel

10 Best Comfy Shoes for Warm Weather Travel

So, are you planning a trip to a warm and sunny destination?

You’ll certainly need to pack a pair of comfortable, stylish shoes that won’t weigh you down or leave you with sore feet. Make sure to look for shoes with good arch support and a classic style that match any outfit. Plus, you’ll want to make sure they’re easy to pack and slip on and off for those airport security lines. 

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your shoe collection, either! You’ll be surprised how much a fun and quirky pair of shoes can brighten up your day. And if you’re planning on doing some hiking or walking, make sure to invest in a pair of shoes that are both high-quality and comfortable. 

Finally, don’t forget to pack a pair of flip-flops for those beach days or poolside lounging. So, get ready to step out in style and comfort on your next adventure! Keep reading for my top picks for the most comfortable and stylish shoes that will keep your feet happy and your fashion game on point!

Step into Comfort: The Best Sneakers for Travel

Ready to step up your travel shoe game? 

Find options that offer both comfort and support, with good arch support and cushioning to keep your feet feeling happy and healthy. And don’t forget to choose sneakers that are easy to put on and take off, so you can breeze through airport security and hit the ground running. Add a pop of color to your travel wardrobe with fun and bright color options. For those planning on hitting the trails, invest in a pair of walking shoes. And for those who want more adventure in their travel, hiking shoes offer extra support and traction! 

With these travel shoe essentials, you’ll be ready to explore your next destination with ease.

Everlane Trainer

I have been wearing these trainers for years now and they are the most supportive “non-athletic” sneakers that I own. Honestly, they’re more supportive than most of my workout sneakers! If you’re looking for cute, sporty-ish, but not TOO sporty sneakers, these are them! I once had a reader say she ran an entire marathon and then put these shoes on and walked all over the city to explore afterward. They are a really durable leather so they stay clean as they’re easy to wipe off. They are the real deal!

Sizing: Run TTS.

Everlane Court Sneaker

I would say these are my most worn all-weather sneakers. They’re made with the same kind of leather as the above sneakers, so they stay clean and wipe off easily, so I often wear them in the rain with no problems–for that reason, I wear them year-round! I’d say they have a medium level of support–I wore them all over Paris on my last trip and they kept me comfy all day!

Sizing: Run TTS.

Freda Salvador Eda Sneaker

My warm-weather sneakers of choice. When the weather is nice, these are the shoes I’m wearing 99% of the time. They are the softest leather (so comfortable) and I love the d’Orsay style–so your feet stay cooler in hot weather, unlike other sneakers! I have logged so many miles in these. They were also amazing when I was pregnant because they’re slip-on and I didn’t have to bend down to get them on my feet.

Sizing: I took my regular size (I’m always a size 8) but most of the reviews say to go down half a size.

Open Style, Comfortable Toes: The Best Sandals for Travel

When it comes to traveling, comfortable and stylish shoes for women are a must-have! 

Sandals are the perfect option for any adventure. Look for options that offer both comfort and support, with cushioned footbeds and good arch support to keep your feet happy and healthy. And don’t forget to choose sandals that match your personal style and preferences, whether that’s a classic leather option or a fun and colorful pair. For those planning on doing some hiking or walking, consider investing in a pair of sports sandals that offer extra support and traction. And for those beach days or poolside lounging, pack a pair of comfortable and stylish flip-flops. 

Here are some of my favorite sandals to travel with!

Nisolo Huarache Sandals

These are my most worn sandals of the summer–I have logged SO many miles in them–both at home and for travel. I wear them everywhere from a day of exploring to the pool to the beach. I love the way they look and I love their nostalgic feel–they did require a break-in process (read my tips here) but now I could not live without them. Note: The color I got was “natural vachetta,” and customer service told me that this color is the hardest to break in because it’s natural and not dyed (which softens the leather, apparently). I would go with the “almond” color instead because it’s closer and my guess is that it’s not as hard to break in because most of the reviews say they don’t require much break-in at all!

Sizing: I got my regular size, but some reviews say to size down. I would use your best judgment!

Sam Edelman Bay Sandals

If you’re looking for a cute, comfy, wear-anywhere sandal with a stylish shape, these are them! I love that they make a subtle statement with their Grecian-inspired design–making them an easy “dress up sandal” to wear out to dinner, that’s really comfortable to walk in, too! I have these in a couple of different colors, they always come out with new colors and textures.

Sizing: TTS

Slip-On and Go Loaf: The Best Loafers for Travel

Loafers are also an excellent choice for any adventure, thanks to their convenient slip-on design. Whether you’re navigating airport security or need to quickly change shoes on the go, loafers make the process hassle-free. Plus, their comfortable fit ensures that your feet won’t be aching after a day of sightseeing and long walks. And the best part? Loafers are versatile enough to be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion while traveling. 

If you’re looking to stay comfortable and stylish on your next adventure, be sure to check out my suggestions for the most comfortable loafers to pack for your travels. Keep reading to find the perfect pair for your next adventure!

Gucci Loafers

Absolutely an investment and I’m not huge on most designer things, but these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I own! They’re also a very classic shape so they will always be in style! The leather is SO so soft, they feel like butter, and I always feel put-together when I put them on! I own them in black.

Sizing: Size down

Rothy’s Drivers

These are a newer addition to my wardrobe, and I love them! I wore them all over Napa and I love the little dose of prep they add to your outfit! Like all Rothy’s, they’re machine washable and sustainable–made of 100% recycled plastic bottles! They will last you a long time! Right now through the weekend, first-time Rothy’s customers can get a $20 discount on orders over $100 with code JESSKEYS.

Sizing: True to size, I took my normal size in these (but I size up in their point flats for reference!) Most reviews say for wider feet, size up!

Sam Edelman Lorraine Loafers

A similar look to the Gucci loafer but a whole lot less! (Plus, they come in a lot more colors!) I love these loafers and have been a fan for many years–they typically come out with new colors each year and I recently just purchased this pretty caramel color (after waffling over which color to choose FOREVER. I was between this, the white, the nude, and the woven rattan version!) They’re super comfortable and I even wore them right out of the box with zero blisters!

Sizing: True to size

Flat Out Comfy: The Best Flats for Travel

As a frequent traveler, I know that comfortable footwear is a must, but I also don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. That’s why I always pack a pair of flats for my adventures. 

The perfect pair of flats can take you from sightseeing to dinner without missing a beat. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to find a pair that’s both comfortable and stylish. Luckily, I’ve done the research and rounded up the most comfortable and stylish flats for your next adventure. From classic ballet flats to trendy loafers, these comfortable shoes are perfect for long walks and exploring new destinations. 

Here are some of my favorite travel flats:

Schutz Arissa Flats

I am so picky with ballet flats, I think so many of them are so uncomfortable! This pair is like butter though! They feel like actual ballet slippers–that soft, and a very thin (but in a good way) material, so they feel like they’re barely there at all! I love the delicate bow and the square toe, too!

Sizing: True to size

Rothy’s Square Flats

As soon as I saw these square-toed flats in the cap-toe design at the Chicago Rothy’s store, I knew they MUST be mine. I took them to Paris with me and wore them around all day! I think they dress up every outfit you pair them with, and even make a tee and jeans look chic and sophisticated! Again, like all Rothy’s, they’re machine washable and sustainable, too! Right now through the weekend, first-time Rothy’s customers can get a $20 discount on orders over $100 with code JESSKEYS.Sizing: I took my normal size in these (but I size up in their point flats for reference!) Most reviews say for wider feet, size up!

Say goodbye to blisters and hello to comfort. Treat your feet to the best shoes.

As a seasoned traveler, I know the importance of comfortable footwear, especially during warm-weather trips. 

That’s why I’ve compiled this list. 

From sandals to sneakers, these shoes are designed to keep your feet happy and healthy while you explore new destinations. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation or a city break, make sure to pack your bags with these comfortable shoe options. 

Slip them on and get ready for an adventure that’s as comfortable as it is exciting!

I hope this helps you find the perfect pair for your next trip! (Or just to round out your wardrobe in general!) For more travel content, head to my travel section right over here!