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Magnolia Bakery // BHLDN

Apr 24, 2014

Tonight I was lucky enough to be able to pop by BHLDN for a preview of Magnolia Bakery‘s new line of tiered wedding cakes — all inspired by the gorgeous bridal brand! I was only able to snap a few photos before I was distracted by the sparkles of BHDLN jewels and entranced in fumes of buttercream frosting. 

I have to tell you (I mean, hopefully you already know this) — but I’m definitely not married and I know very little about weddings. What I do know though, is that these are damn exquisite wedding cakes, and only set you back $8 per slice (for the record — most specialty cakes could run up to $15!) If you’re planning to tie the knot anytime soon, I highly recommend you check them out. You can view the entire lookbook here

If wedding bells aren’t in your near future, don’t worry. There’s no occasion necessary to indulge in a few cupcakes!

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